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The health and safety of all examinees is of utmost priority. We will inform you of the new schedule as early as possible so that the examinees will have ample time to review and address the logistical concerns that this will entail. Click on your name in the Diplomates page and enter the password: Diplomate No.

The actual CDQ program will open from July 1 to 31, this means, the examinee has 30 days to complete all the modules in the program.

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We strongly encourage the examinees to register early and take the examination as soon as the online C DQ opens, to allow for more time to review prosztata hipertónia complete the modules. There are ten 10 modules in the CDQ program: eight 8 cognitive MCQ in core disciplines and two 2 computer-based crisis management simulations.

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After choosing an answer in the MCQs, examinees are given time to review and revise their choices before they submit it for correction. After submitting the completed answers in a module, the computer will automatically check the entries and will show the resulting mark.

Feliratkozás Az Ön által létrehozott fiók ingyenes hozzáférést biztosít az Európai Foglalkoztatási Napok platformjának számos funkciójához.