Alcohol and blood pressure relationship

Acta Physiologica Out of alcoholics 8 patients had serum uric acid levels higher than the upper limit p.

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There was a significant interaction between GGT and systolic blood pressure, as well as between serum uric acid and systolic blood pressure. From the two laboratory markers only the effect of GGT proved to be significant: above GGT value the probability of high systolic blood pressure increases. It was also found, that alcohol withdrawal after two weeks decreased blood pressure in the majority of alcoholics, and after two weeks the average of systolic and diastolic blood pressure was significantly lower than at admission.

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Keywords: alcohol-induced hypertension, laboratory markers of alcoholism, alcohol withdrawal, multiple linear regression In the past years a number of clinical and epidemiological studies have been published on the relationship between alcohol consumption and hypertension.

Most of these have reported that the frequency of hypertension in alcoholics significantly surpasses that of the population [1, 8, II, 13, 20, 22].

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